The Simple Present Tense: Exercise 2

By | December 22, 2017

Instruction: Make each sentence into negative by using DO NOT or DOES NOT. Substitute the subject with a corresponding pronoun.
Example: Andy visits his grandfather every month.
a. Andy does not visit his grandfather every month.
b. He does not visit his grandfather every month.
c. He doesn’t visit his grandfather every month.

1. His father works for an oil company in Jakarta.
2. The boys listen to some good music on the radio every afternoon.
3. Hari speaks French better than anybody else in the class.
4. Rudi and Maria live in the same town.
5. The girls share a kitchen and a living room.
6. The children like to play catch in the rain.
7. Joni takes his little sister to school every morning.
8. The professor gives a lecture at the new university on Fridays.
9. This food tastes really good.
10. Siska loves to learn foreign languages.


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