The Simple Present Tense: Exercise 1

By | December 22, 2017

Instruction: Substitute the subject of each of the following sentences with the word or words in parentheses. Remove the ‘s’ or ‘es’ from the verb where necessary. Add an ‘s’ or ‘es’ to the verb where necessary.

Example: The man works at the university. (the woman)
The woman works at the university.

1. The boys go to school six days a week. (Any)
2. Maria gets up early in the morning. (Rudi and I)
3. The school bell rings at 7 o’clock. (the bells)
4. The students speak English well. (the child)
5. My sister knows a lot about his family. (I)
6. The novel costs fifty thousand rupiahs. (the dictionary)
7. My father has a cup of tea in the morning. (my parents)
8. I read the morning paper just before I go to work. (she)
9. Birds fly over my house every afternoon. (a plane)
10. All of my male classmates fall in love with her. (the boy)
11. My grandfather has grey hair. (the old men)
12. The children read five books each day. (my sister)
13. The students understand the lesson well. (we)
14. We often borrow books from the public library. (he)
15. The new teacher knows how to engage his students. (Mr. Arief)

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