Early One Morning in April: Reading Practice 1 (recount)

By | December 22, 2017

It was early morning, on sunny spring day in April; Heathrow Airport London was very busy. I was sitting, reading a newspaper in the Departure Lounge of Terminal One.

I was nervous I would fly. I looked at my watch impatiently. Then I I heard the announcement over the loudspeakers: British Airways announce the departure of Flight BE570 for Istanbul. Will passengers please proceed to Gate 16 for boarding.

Hearing that announcement, I picked up my suitcase and walked toward Gate16. Twenty minutes later, the plane taxied, preparing to leave. It moved slowly across the airport to runway number two. I was sitting looking out of the window.

The plane suddenly moved forward, raced down the runway and rose into the air. I looked down at the houses and roads far below. I was smiling. London was behind me. I was on my way to Istanbul.

1. The purpose of the text is to … .
A. tell an imaginative story to the readers
B. share pleasant feelings and excitement
C. retell past experience of heading to Istanbul
D. let the readers know about airports
E. show people she was at airport

2. How did the writer feel at the airport?
A. excited
B. happy
C. pleased
D. worried
E. bored

3. What was the writer doing while waiting before boarding?
A. reading
B. talking
C. walking
D. writing
E. sleeping

4. How did the writer know it was time for boarding?
A. she read on a notice board
B. she just knew it was time
C. she looked at her ticket
D. somebody had told her
E. she heard announcement

5. We know from the story that the writer was sitting … .
A. near the aisle
B. in a business class
C. at a window seat
D. at the back seat
E. right in the middle

6. The underlined word proceed in the second paragraph most probably means … .
A. move to
B. go ahead
C. walk out
D. run toward
E. rush to

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