Donald Trump: Listening Practice 7 (biography)

By | January 16, 2018

You will hear a life story about Donald Trump, the present U.S. President. Listen carefully to the story, and then decide whether the following statements are True or False. You can listen online or download the Mp3 file by clicking this link.

  1. Donald Trump is orginally from New York but he has Scotish and German ancestry. T/F
  2. He built his own business empire right from the start. T/F
  3. His grandmother was also a very successful businesswoman. T/F
  4. His parents sent him to a military-style school in order to discipline him. T/F
  5. When he was young, nobody liked him because he was a trouble maker. T/F
  6. Since a young boy he has had a strong drive to succeed. T/F
  7. Trump has successfully expanded his property business into entertainment. T/F
  8. Donald Trump now lives with his three wives, three sons, and two daughters. T/F


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