Day at the Beach: Reading Practice 2 (recount)

By | February 6, 2020

Early one morning in summer, in the city of Cape Town, I woke up to the sound of birds’ chirps. I got up to open my curtains to let the early morning sun in to warm my face. It was the perfect day for the beach!

Quickly I changed from my pajamas into my costume and pulled on an old T-shirt and pair of shorts. I stuffed all my other essentials into a back pack of mine and ran down the passage for breakfast. My mom, dad, and two sisters were already eating freshly fried pumpkin fritters with cinnamon sugar. I took my place at the table and begin to eat the meal, too.

After breakfast we grabbed our things and headed off to the bus stop to wait for a minibus taxi. At the bus stop a woman was selling homemade koeksusters, my family’s favorite South African treat. We bought some just as our taxi arrived. I made sure to get a seat near a window to see the sights as we drove.

Once we arrived at Sea Point Beach, our favorite beach of all time, we went to ‘our spot’, which is right near the rock pool. My sisters and I raced to get into the water first as our parents found the nearest fish and chip place. The water was freezing cold as we waded our way through to get to the deep end.

I went back to our towels and lied down for a tan, and ended up falling asleep. When I woke up, my parents were back and were eating lunch with my siblings. After we had all eaten, we headed back to the water for our last swim. At about four o’clock, we began to pack up our things so that we could head back. Luckily our taxi just arrived as we got to the bus stop, so we could head home straight away.

I really enjoy the days that I spend with my family at the beach as it is such a fun way to keep a South African tradition going.

Written by Tyler Warrin


1. What makes the day perfect for the beach according to the writer?
A. the morning warmth of the sun
B. the chirping birds she heard
C. the morning summer breeze
D. the warm people of Cape Town
E. the breeze that warms her face

2. What did the writer do before heading to the beach?
A. had a cup of coffee and some bread
B. opened the room curtains and yawned
C. had a quick shower and hot meal
D. changed clothes and had breakfast
D. had a conversation with her parents

3. Where did she put all the things necessary for her day at the beach?
A. a plastic bag
B. a back pack
C. a goody bag
D. a trolly
E. a case

4. How did she go to the beach?
A. by bike
B. by car
C. by bus
D. by minibus
E. by taxi

5. Who did she go there with?
A. nobody
B. friends and classmates
C. parents and friends
D. brothers and sisters
E. the whole family

6. How many brothers does she have?
A. none
B. one
C. two
D. three
E. four

7. The writer has a favorite spot at the beach, which is … .
A. at the coast line
B. the sea water
C. near the rock pool
D. on the beach sand
E. near a cafeteria

8. We know from the story that while the writer was in the water, her parents … .
A. were eating fish and chip
B. were getting a tan
C. were lying on the beach
D. were playing with sand
E. were also in the water

9. When did the writer fall asleep?
A. when eating lunch
B. when having some rest
C. when playing in the water
D. when playing with sand
E. when lying down for a tan

10. When did the writer go back home?
A. around six a’clock
B. around five o’clock
C. around four o’clock
D. around three o’clock
E. around two o’clock





Key Answers:

  1. A
  2. D
  3. B
  4. E
  5. E
  6. A
  7. C
  8. A
  9. E
  10. C

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