Credit Card Alert: Listening Practice 1 (exposition)

By | December 8, 2017

The following questions are based on ideas exposed on Youtube about credit cards. You can download the Mp3 file by clicking this link Alert: Credit Cards
1. The speaker’s purpose is … .
A. to persuade people to buy things he sells
B. to persuade people to stop using credit cards
C. to persuade people to save more money
D. to persuade people to save their moeny in the bank
E. to persuade people to spend a little money

2. According to the speaker, most Americans use credit cards because … .
A. they want to act like rich people
B. they are really rich people
C. they don’t want to look rich
D. they love credit cards
E. they are credit card collectors

3. According to the speaker, you act like rich people when you use credit cards … .
A. to buy expensive and luxurious cars
B. to buy electronic devices as presents
C. to buy all of your daily needs
D. to buy things you can’t afford
E. to buy things you really need

4. The speaker calls credit cards … .
A. a beer bottle
B. a bear cart
C. a bare trap
D. a real crab
E. a good prep

5. According to the speaker, the reason you should not use credit cards is that you … .
A. will spend too much money for the thing you buy
B. will need to buy television for 500 dollars
C. will pay high and unreasonable interests
D. will fall into a huge debt for life
E. will hear people tell a lie

6. According to the speaker, if you buy a 25,000 dollar car on a credit card, you will end up paying … .
A. 31,000 dollars
B. 32,000 dollars
C. 33,000 dollars
D. 34,000 dollars
E. 35,000 dollars

7. The speaker suggests we should buy … .
A. with cash
B. online
C. on credits
D. freely
E. a lot

8. If you use credit cards, you have to pay the interest for at least … .
A. 19 %
B. 20 %
C. 21 %
D. 22 %
E. 23 %

9 The biggest lie ever told about credit cards is that … .
A. you can’t live without them
B. you can use them properly
C. you can’t use them wisely
D. you can buy at cheap price
E. you can get everything

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