Brave: Reading Practice 4 (movie review)

By | December 19, 2017

My family of three went to see an early screening of the new Disney movie, “Brave” yesterday, so I thought I would write a quick ‘mommy’ review of the movie.

Disney definitely breaks the standard “Disney Princess” mold with this movie as Princess Merida is a fun, outgoing and wild girl that for once is not in search for the love of a prince. The characters in the movie are entertaining and I loved the way that the Scottish culture comes out into the movie. I found myself wishing for more music though, which is one of the things that I truly love about past Disney movies. I would compare this movie more with “Shrek” than a movie like “Tangled.”

As to the age of the kids that would like this movie I would have to say maybe 5 years old and up.The movie is not quite engaging enough for very young viewers, which was a little disappointing for our three years old. There were parts of the movie that our daughter enjoyed, but it is engaging enough for younger viewers in the audience and made them cry, so be forewarned of this if you are bringing children under the age of five.

I’ve always been a big fan of Disney movies so on a 5-star scale I would rate this 4. It’s definitely not a favorite, but I give it four stars for the relationship that builds between Merida and her mother. I think this movie offers a great lesson to appreciate your family and truly listen to each others’ needs and concerns.

1. We know from the review that the reviewer … Disney movies.

A. respects
B. hates
C. trusts
D. loves
E. follows

2. What does the reviewer think of the movie?
A. It does not have any lesson for children
B. It is one of the best movies ever made
C. It is filled with beautiful music composition
D. It is definitely not her favorite
E. It is a very standard Disney movie

3. The reviewer is a … .
A. mother
B. father
C. child
D. girl
E. woman

4. What does the reviewer think of the music in “Brave”?
A. wild enough
B. demonstrative
C. too little
D. too much
E. beautiful

5. According to the reviewer, what is it that makes “Brave” different from past Disney movies?
A. the theme song
B. the music illustration
C. the characters
D. the colors
E. the main character

6. We can conclude that the reviewer thinks kids … may not enjoy the movie.
A. of three years old
B. under five years old
C. older than her daughter
D. above five years old
E. of six years old

7. In general, how does the reviewer feel about the movie?
A. amazed
B. frustrated
C. appreciative
D. disappointed
E. so happy

8. Why should viewers, especially parents, be forewarned of a few parts of the movie?
A. they may make children cry
B. they are scary scenes
C. they are not worth seeing
D. they are not appropriate for kids
E. they may make viewers happy

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