Boyhood: Reading Practice 1 (review)

By | December 19, 2017

There is something people should know before watching this movie, and that is that it takes place from 2002 to 2014. I grew up in that same generation, so as I watched this morive I felt like I was growing up all over. It was incredible to experience that. And even for those who weren’t children growing up in those years will still feel a sense of going back in time.

The plot is very simple: what does it mean to grow up, become an adult, and live? And as the years go by, it becomes apparent that Mason is struggling to find his place in life. Though there are a few struggles he encounteres and some thematic materials overall the movie is hilarious and real. From Richard Linklater’s previous films, I’ve noticed that the dialogue all feels real. And it is so well done in this film.

Speaking of Linklater, I see an Oscar nomination for directing coming his way. As he sat down for Q & A on Boyhood, one of the things he said that struck the audience was that he thought it was funny that people who saw ‘Boyhood’ told him he improved as a director. This was funny to him because one of the first rules he made before filming in 2002 was that he could not change as a director for the sake of the movie to have no continuity errors. The only improvement going on is the superb acting from Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette, and (of course) Ellar Coltrane.

With probably the best ending I’ve ever seen for a movie and a story guided by a talented director, ‘Boyhood’ is the most powerful and unique coming-of-age film ever made and it will be proclaimed as a classic for the years to come.

1. How long did it take to shoot the film?
A. 10
B. 11
C. 12
D. 13
E. 14

2. The reviewer says that he felt he was growing up when he was watching the movie. Why?
A. He comes from the same generation
B. He is indeed growing up
C. He likes the movie very much
D. He loves the movie’s simple plot
E. He just felt it with no reason

3. What is it he is referring to when he says it was incredible to experience that?
A. the meaning of being an adult
B. the fun of watching the film
C. the thrill of being part of it
D. the feeling of growing up
E. the fun of being a fan

4. What is the theme of the movie?
A. struggles a man is faced with
B. the meaning of growing up
C. the feeling of being an adult
D. challenges in adulthood
E. problems in the life of an adult

5. What is the main problem Mason is struggling with?
A. to continue to grow up and become an adult
B. to build a good house for him to live in
C. to find a good place to live a good life
D. to find out his own persoanlity
E. to know the purpose of life

6. What does the reviewer think about the dialogue in the movie?
A. well-prepared
B. authentic
C. interesting
D. positive
E. thrilling

7. According to the reviewer, what does the director think of himself?
A. funny
B. hillarious
C. not improving
D. ridiculous
E. superb

8. The strengths of the movie lie in the following things, except … .
A. the director
B. the dialogue
C. the ending
D. the acting
E. the simplicity

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