Being an Entrepreneur: Reading Practice 7 (discussion)

By | December 6, 2017

Entrepreneurship comes with its share of ups and downs. The most obvious advantage is the opportunity to be your own boss. Being in charge and making the important decisions regarding your business can be fulfilling, but it can also be challenging. Here are more thoughts on the pros and cons that come with being a small business owner:

The first advantage is control. You choose the work you like to do and that makes the most of your strengths and skills. The result can be more job satisfaction. The second is excitement. Entrepreneurship can be exciting and many entrepreneurs consider their work highly enjoyable. Each day is filled with new opportunities to challenge your abilities, skills, and determination. Entrepreneurs also enjoy flexibility. They can schedule their work hours around other commitments, including spending quality time with their families.

Beside that, they also have more freedom than employees. They have freedom to work whenever they want, wherever they want, and however they want draws many to entrepreneurship. Most entrepreneurs don’t consider their work actual work because they are doing something they love. As an entrepreneur, your income is directly related to your efforts and the success of your business.

However, there are things that can be a burden. One of them is administration. Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of paperwork that can take up time and energy. Competition is another one. Staying competitive is critical as a small business owner. You will need to differentiate your business from others like yours in order to build a solid customer base and be profitable.

Although you may get a promising income, it is not regular. Being an entrepreneur often means giving up the security of a regular paycheck. If business slows down, your personal income can be at risk.

Being an entrepreneur is challenging and promising at the same time. And if you want to become an entrepreneur, you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages before you make up your mind.

1. The text above discusses … .
A. the weakness and strengths of an entrepreneur
B. the advantages and disadvantages of being an entrepreneur
C. the challenges an entrepreneur has to be faced with
D. the things you should consider before you make a decision
E. the things you should do before you become an entrepreneur

2. According to the writer, what is the most important advantage of being an entrepreneur?
A. You spend the whole day at home
B. You will make a lot more money
C. You become the boss for yourself
D. You have plenty of time to spend
E. You have a lot of days off work

3. As an entrepreneur, you have full … what you like to do.
A. control over
B. access to
C. contact with
D. equipment for
E. contract with

4. Why is entrepreneurship exciting?
A. it sharpens your leadership skill
B. it is full of ups and downs
C. it generates more income for you
D. it is challenging and fulfilling
E. it opens up new opportunities

5. What is one of the burdens of being an entrepreneur?
A. schedule
B. hard work
C. commitment
D. paperwork
E. stress

6. As an entrepreneur, you should keep thinking of creative ways of making your business unique, different from your competitors. This idea can be found in paragraph … .
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

7. The other burden of being an entrepreneur is that you might feel insecure regarding your … .
A. competitors
B. position
C. income
D. product
E. business

8. The writer closes his writing with a(n) … .
A. recommendation
B. brief remark
C. reiteration
D. overview
E. warning

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