Animals of the Ice: Listening Practice 3 (report)

By | December 5, 2017

The following questions are based on a brief description of the walrus. You can listen online or download the Mp3 file by clicking this link Animals of the Ice.

1. The spoken text is categorized as a report because … .
A. it describes in details one specific walrus
B. it describes the walrus as species in general
C. it reports what a group of walruses do
D. it reports what the speaker sees and hears
E. it gives an account of what the speaker does

2. It is said that the walrus use the ice for … .
A. hunting for food
B. socializing
C. giving birth
D. mating
E. feeding

3. The ice has to be thick enough. Why?
A. walruses are busy animals
B. walruses are naughty
C. walruses are so active
D. walruses like to jump
E. walruses can be heavy

4. How heavy can a walrus be?
A. 5000 pounds
B. 4050 pounds
C. 4000 pounds
D. 4500 pounds
E. 400 pounds

5. What does the blubber do according to the speaker?
A. it stores energy
B. it supports the body
C. it helps the walrus walk
D. it gives more strength
E. it helps find food

6. One role of the tusks is … .
A. to fight with other walruses over food
B. to help them walk on the ice
C. to tear food into pieces
D. to defend against predators
E. to socialize with other walruses

7. The speaker says that the main role of the tusks is … .
A. to show dominance
B. to gather food
C. to attract a mate
D. to stand stable
E. to help eat food

8. The speaker uses one word to mean a group of walruses. What word is it?
A. class
B. team
C. school
D. bunch
E. herd

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