All The Present and Past Tenses & The Simple Future Tense: Mixed Exercise

By | December 28, 2015

Instruction: Decide whether you should use the simple present tense, the present continuous tense, the present perfect tense, the present perfect continuous tense, the simple past tense, the past continuous tense, the past perfect tense, the past perfect continuous tense, or the simple future tense for the verb in the brackets.

1. Angelina (come) … to visit us once a week. She (come) … here yesterday, and she (come) … again next week.

2. Budi (eat) … at the Vietnamese restaurant very often. Last night, he (eat) … there with his whole family. Tomorrow, he (eat) … there again.

3. A: Look! The red car (overtake) … the blue one.
B: WHo (drive) … the car?
A: Doni. He (win) … many races, including the famous Nascar. And he (win) … again, I am sure.

4. Yesterday we (have) … a history test. We (do) … it well because we (study) … really hard for it.

5. It was 6 PM. We (watch) … television together when my brother and sister (come) … . We (watch) … television for about an hour when they showed up.

6. A: You (go) … to the party last night?
B: Yes, I (go) … with my sister.

7. Mom and Dad (talk) … about family matters right now. They (begin) … twenty minutes ago. So, they (talk) … for about twenty minutes.

8. A: When (you, see) … the doctor again? You’re getting worse.
B: Tomorrow.

9. My elder brother (come) … here two days ago. So, he (stay) … with us for two days. He used to live in this town, but in 1987 he (move) … to Jakarta. He (live) … there for nearly six years.

10. I (have) … two sisters. My elder sister (get) … married two years ago. My younger sister (be, not) … married yet. She (get) … married next year.

11. My elder sister (go) … to university next year. My younger brother (graduate) … from junior high school next year. So, my parents (need) … provide more money for their further study.

12. Right now I (play) … the piano.This time yesterday, I (play) … the piano. I (love) … playing the piano.

13. Right now my mom (do) … the laundry. She (wash) … many pieces of clothes so far. She (do) … the laundry for about an hour.

14. I (be) … an English teacher. I (graduate) … from a private teacher training institute in 1992. Now I (teach) … at a reputable high school in Yogyakarta.

15. I (be) … sixteen years old. Next year I (be) … seventeen. Last year I (be) … fifteen.

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