All Tenses: Review Exercise

By | December 6, 2017

Instruction: Put the verb in brackets into the simple present tense, the present continuous tense, the present perfect tense, the present perfect continuous tense, the simple past tense, the past continuous tense, the past perfect tense, the past perfect continuous tense, the simple future tense, the future continuous tense, the future perfect tense, the future perfect continuous tense.

1. My dad (be) … a businessman. He (travel) … abroad every month. He (visit) … tens of countries so far. Two months ago, he (go) … to the US. Last month he (go) … to Spain. Next month, he (go) … to New Zealand.

2. At the moment my elder sister (do) … some ironing. Yesterday she (do) … some ironing. Tomorrow she (do) … some ironing, too. She (do) … some ironing everyday.

3. A: You (find) … the car key?
B: Not yet. I (look) … for it since I (lose) … it yesterday.

4. A: You (do) … your homework?
B: Yes, I (do) … it. I (do) … it last night.

5. Katrin (go) … bed a few minutes ago. She (still, sleep) … at the moment. She (sleep) … for a few minutes.

6. Maria (play) … the piano in her music studio right now. She (play) … it for an hour. She (play) … 3 songs so far. She (play) … the piano everyday.

7. Three years ago I (be) … a student. Now I (be) … a teacher. I (teach) … English at a well-known high school in town. I (teach) … there for 2 years.

8. I (study) … for two hours last night. I (begin) … at 7.00 and (stop) … at 9.00. My brother (come) … home at 7.30. I (study, still) … .In other words, I (study) … for 30 minutes when he got home.

9. I (study) … for two hours tonight. I (begin) … at 7.00 and (stop) … at 9.00. My brother plans to come home at 7.30. I (study, still) … . That means I (study) … for 30 minutes when he (come) … home.

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