All Present & Past Tenses: Review Exercise

By | December 28, 2015

Instruction: Put the verb in the brackets in the simple present tense, the present continuous tense, the present perfect tense, the present perfect continuous tense, the simple past tense, the past continuous tense, the past perfect tense, or the past perfect continuous tense. In some situations, more than one tense is possible.

1. A: Where is Tuti?
B: She (sleep) … . She (go) … to bed an hour ago. So, she (sleep) … for an hour.
A: She (always, take) … a little nap every afternoon?
B: Not always.

2. A: What (you, do) … last Saturday?
B: I (go) … to a book shop with my sister.
A: You (buy) … something?
B: I (buy) … some books and magazines.

3. A: Where (you, head) … when I met you down the street this afternoon?
B: I (go0 … to the dentist.

4. I (go) … to a music concert every week. Last night I (go) … to another one. Unfortunately, I was late. When I (get) … to the concert hall, it (already, begin) … .

5. ( (get) … up a little bit late this morning. I (hear) … my sister cooking in the ktichen. She (get) … up before I did.

6. A: You (do) … anything when the phone (ring) … this morning?
B: I (wash) … my car.

7. A: You (like) … to go to the cinema?
B: Every weekend.
A: So, would you like to go with me? There is a good film on at XXI.
B: No, thanks. I (see) … it. I (see) … it last night.

8. Tati (study) … in his room right now. She (start) … an hour ago. So, she (study) … for an hour. She (be) … an inteliigent student. She (study) … on a regular basis.

9. My mom (start) … cooking at 9 PM this morning. She (finish) … at 10 AM. So, she (cook) … for an hour. My dad (come) … at 9.45 AM. When he (come) … my mom (still, cook) … . In other words, she (cook) … for 45 minutes when my dad (come) … . At about 10.15 AM, my brother (come) … . When he (come) … she (already, finish) … cooking.

10. Right now the teacher (be) … in the classroom. He (teach) … some new English words and expressions to the students. He (start) … teaching 30 minutes ago. This means he (teach) … in the classroom for 30 minutes.

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