A/An & The: Exercise 2

By | December 8, 2017

Instruction: Read each of the following sentences carefully. Decide if you need to supply the or not for each blank space in each sentence.

1. a. … cats in my house are all black.
b. … cats are wild.

2. a. … mountains are generally high.
b. … mountains on Java are all high.

3. a. … contains oxygen and hydrogen.
b. … water in my glass is very cold.

4. a. … new furniture always looks great.
b. … new furniture in the living room looks great.

5. a. … pictures are always beautiful.
b. … pictures on the wall are beautiful.

6. a. … money only brings misery.
b. … money in my pocket is not mine.

7. a. … leaves are green.
b. … leaves of the trees in the back yard are turning yellow.

8. a. … novels are always interesting to read.
b. … novels available in this book store are best-sellers.

9. a. … bikes are healthy means of transportation.
b. … bikes in my garage are for sale if you’re interested.

10. a. … leaders are born, not made, some people say.
b. … leaders of the world are gathering for a conference tomorrow.

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