A White Heron (Part 4): Listening Practice 6 (narrative)

By | July 31, 2018

The following questions are based on a story called A White Heron, written by Sarah Orne Jewett. The original source of the story is the Voice of America. You can download the Mp3 file by clicking this link A White Heron (Part 4)

1. How would you describe the pine tree that Sylvie was climbing?
A. quite tall
B. tall
C. very tall
D. not that tall
E. short

2. Why was she climbing the tree?
A. to locate a heron’s nest
B. to enjoy the sun light
C. to see the forest from above
D. to catch a white heron
E. to know what the bird looks like

3. Where did the white heron that she saw flying land?
A. on its own nest in the nearby tree
B. on a branch in the nearby pine tree
C. on a pine branch above her
D. on a pine branch below her
E. on her grandmother’s house roof

4. Sylvie gave a long sigh. Her long sigh was a sign of … .
A. happines
B. relief
C. worry
D. sadness
E. fear

5. The heron’s whereabout was a secret. Why was it a secret?
A. it was only a myth
B. it was not there
C. it was ancient
D. it was misterious
E. it was unknown

6. How was Sylvie feeling when she was climbing down the pine tree?
A. nothing
B. weird
C. afraid
D. worried
E. strange

7. Which of the followings is true?
A. Sylvie thought the pine tree was old
B. Sylvie was excited to tell the hunter about the bird’s nest
C. Sylvie was not sure whether the bird was a heron or not
D. Sylvie believed the bird’s nest could not be found
E. Sylvie did not know where the bird was

8. Why did Sylvie not say a word about the heron’s whereabout?
A. She wanted to protect its life
B. She didn’t want the hunter to have it
C. She knew the bird was a rare one
D. She wanted to keep it for herself
E. She wanted to catch it and sell it

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