A White Heron (Part 3): Listening Practice 5 (narrative)

By | July 31, 2018

The following questions are based on a story called A White Heron written by Sarah Orne Jewett. You can download the Mp3 file or listen online by clicking this link White Heron Part 3.

1. Why did Silvy’s heart begin to beat fast when she knew the young man talked about a white heron?
A. Because she had seen one in the forest
B. Because she liked the young tall man
C. Because she wanted to keep the bird
D. Because she knew the bird so well
E. Because she wanted to see the bird

2. The young man promised to give 10 dollars if she could tell him where the bird was. How did she feel about it?
A. happy
B. afraid
C. worried
D. tempted
E. nothing

3. How did Silvy feel when she was with him in the forest?
A. She was excited to go hunting with him
B. She loved to see him shooting birds
C. She thought the man was boring
D. She hated to be with him
E. She enjoyed being with him

4. Why did Silvy probably think about the young man?
A. He was cruel and mean
B. He was so good-looking
C. He was a good man
D. He was a nice person
E. He was boring

5. How long did Silvy spend time in the forest with the young man?
A. just a couple of hours
B. a few hours and minutes
C. half day till noon
D. the whole day till evening
E. two or three hours

6. When did Silvy leave the house and head to the forest the next day?
A. when the sun was about to rise
B. when everybody already got up
C. when the young man went hunting
D. when her grandmother took the cow out
E. when her grandmother milked the cow

7. What did Silvy probably have in mind when she was heading to the forest?
A. She wanted to find out where the bird was and tell the man
B. She wanted to find the bird’s nest and catch the bird
C. She wanted to get the bird and give it to the man
D. She wanted to catch the bird and get the money
E. She wanted to explore the forest and find the bird

8. What did Silvy do to locate the bird’s nest?
A. She kept walking from tree to tree
B. She asked everyone she met about it
C. She explored the whole forest
D. She searched all corners of the forest
E. She climbed the tallest pine tree

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