A White Heron (Part 2): Listening Practice 4 (narrative)

By | July 24, 2018

The following questions are based on a story called A White Heron by Sarah Orne Jewett. The original source is the Voice of America. You can download the Mp3 file by clicking this link White Heron Part 2.

1. When the cow finished drinking, Silvy heard … .
A. a whistle
B. a noise
C. a cry
D. a scream
E. a yell

2. When she heard it, she tried to … .
A. calm herself down a little bit
B. walk her cow as quickly as possible
C. find out where it came from
D. hide herself in the bushes
E. keep her mouth shut

3. How old was Silvy?
A. 5 years old
B. 6 years old
C. 7 years old
D. 8 years old
E. 9 years old

4. What was the young man doing in that forest?
A. getting lost
B. hunting for birds
C. looking for a road
D. trying to relax
E. carrying a gun

5. Where were the young man and Silvy heading together?
A. to the nearest main road
B. to a stream in the forest
C. to a bird nest up on a tree
D. to a pond full of water
E. to her grandmother’s house

6. Why did the young man want to spend the night in Silvy’s grandmother’s house?
A. Because he was so exhausted
B. Because it was already dark
C. Because he had lost his way
D. Because Silvy was friendly
E. Because he had nowhere to go

7. We know from the story that the young man was not only a hunter but also a … .
A. sniper
B. scientist
C. researcher
D. investigator
E. breeder

8. The young man told Silvy that he … birds.
A. preserved
B. slaughtered
C. breeded
D. kept
E. loved

9. What did the young man stuff birds with?
A. compounds
B. drugs
C. substances
D. green herbs
E. chemicals

10. The young man asked Silvy to help him find a white heron because he knew that … .
A. Silvy knew how to catch a bird
B. Silvy was so familiar with animals
C. Silvy knew a lot about birds
D. Silvy loved to play with birds
E. Silvy liked to feed wild animals

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