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Some/Any & The Simple Present Tense: Mixed exercise

By | December 26, 2014

Instruction: The following is a story about Betty. Complete the sentences with some/any or the approppriate form of the verb in the brackets. Every Sunday morning Betty … (go) to the market. She (go) … there with … (some/any) of her brothers. She … (not, want) to go there alone. She often … (see) … (some/any) girls in… Read More »

Some & Any

By | December 23, 2014

You use the words some and any when you don’t need/want to specify a certain number or amount. When you say I saw some people gathering in the city hall, that means definitely you saw more than one person there, but you don’t know exactly how many people were there in the city hall. Or, you might think… Read More »

The Present Continuous Tense: Exercise 2

By | December 15, 2014

Instruction: Answer each of the following questions, using the verb in the brackets. You can add an approppriate word.Remember that the verb + -ing means “sedang” in Bahasa Indonesia. Example: What is your sister doing? (sweep) She is sweeping the floor. 1. What are Mary and John doing? (sing) 2. What is Any’s father doing in the back… Read More »

The Simple Present Tense: Exercise 2

By | November 11, 2014

Instruction: Make each sentence into negative by using DO NOT or DOES NOT. Substitute the subject with a corresponding pronoun. Example: Andy visits his grandfather every month. a. Andy does not visit his grandfather every month. b. He does not visit his grandfather every month. c. He doesn’t visit his grandfather every month. 1. His father works for… Read More »