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Pronouns: Exercise 3

Instruction: Fill out the blank space with the correct form of possessive determiner. 1. I have a sister. … name is Widya. 2. … name is Lusia. I am from Indonesia. 3. My brother is a writer. This is … latest novel. 4. Rita is a charming young girl. … hair is black and … eyes are beautiful.… Read More »

Pronouns: Exercise 2

Instruction: Fill out the blank space with the correct form of object pronouns. 1. A: Who gave this pen? B: Boby A: I should thank … . 2. A: Have you heard the news? B: Yes, I heard … yesterday. 3. Jessica visited … yesterday. I was so happy. 4. A: Where did you buy this book? B:… Read More »

Pronouns: Exercise 1

Complete the following sentences with the correct form of personal pronouns. 1. Jono and Maria play tennis everyday. … love tennis very much. 2. Arif is a bright student. … is studying in the classroom right now. 3. Magie likes to travel around the world. … has visited six countries so far. 4. The Ferrari is awesome. …… Read More »


Pronoun merujuk pada kata-kata seperti  I, Me, My, Mine, We, Us, Ours, You, Yours, He, Him, His, dan lain-lain, yang dipakai untuk menggantikan orang atau benda yang sedang kita bicarakan. Ada beberapa jenis pronoun: personal pronoun, possessive pronoun, possessive determiner, dan reciprocal pronoun. Kita menggunakan pronoun ketika berbicara langsung dengan orang yang sedang kita ajak bicara (misalnya, you),… Read More »